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Get the advice and support form Prospect’s Chief Operating Officer, James May - a serial property investor, a property entrepreneur and a seasoned property mentor.

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About Prospect Investors Club

Prospect Investors Club was founded - a dedicated Investment agent with a true understanding of how property investment works and a keen eye for identifying and sourcing good investment properties for sale in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey! It also provided a dedicated hub where new property investors could get solid advice on their property investments.

Since then, James has helped hundreds of serious investors in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey along their property journey, helping them achieve their portfolio and financial goals. As a serial Investor himself, James understands property investing unlike any local agent and truly understands the changing investment market!


“If, like me, you are new to property investing PIC provides fantastic one-stop shop access to all the experts you need; a (free) initial consultation to discuss your strategy, property sourcing, independent financial advice, property refurbishment and lettings management. Simon Zutshi’s book “Property Magic” is sub—titled “How to Buy Property Using Other People's Time, Money and Experience” – meet with PIC they can help you do just that."[SIC]” - Mr Kent