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The secret to creating wealth through property

Choosing your property investment strategy, or strategies, is probably the most important decision you will make as an investor. The great thing is there are strategies out there for everybody, regardless of your situation, you just need to take action.  


Lease Options, HMOs, Buy to Lets, Flipping and more… there are so many investment strategies and we have experience of them all! We have the expertise that can help you choose the correct strategy, or strategies, for your personal situation.

Below you can view each strategy individually, to help you choose and if you need some help or have more questions, you can contact us on 0118 955 9712 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Commercial to Residential Conversion Strategy Icon

Discover the potential benefits of Commercial to Residential Conversions, what you’ll need to know about this property investment strategy and 5 key considerations! Learn about Commercial to Residential Conversions here.

A property divided into a title split

A creative strategy becoming more and more popular is Title Splits, where you purchase a property and literally split it into two, three or more properties to rent out or re-sell. Click here to discover more about Title Splitting.

A buy to let property ready to let

The Investors Club provides a complete package whilst providing specialist advice and assistance in sourcing the right Buy to Let investment for you. Discover more about Buy to Let investments.

House with multiple people inside it

HMOs are one of the most popular strategies in today's investment market. Find out why they're so popular, the benefits and also the risks involved when investing in a HMO. Click here to learn more about HMOs.

property investment lease options sign

A lease option is simple; it is a legal document giving the bearer the right, but not the obligation, to buy the property at a certain price within a certain timeframe and during that timeframe you pay the monthly rent, with or without a tenant in the property. Discover more about this investment strategy by clicking here.

Rent to rent property investment strategy

Rent to Rent has fast become one of the most popular property strategies in the UK market and is a high cash flow, no money down business opportunity. Learn if Rent to Rent is the right investment strategy for you.

Property Flipping

Flipping/BMV’s – One of the most commonly used investment strategies has been Flipping or as we like to call it, Flipping Adding Value. Discover more about Flipping Properties here.

shake hands for a property investing joint venture

JVs are the easiest way for virtually anyone and everyone serious about property investing to start, continue, improve, expand, increase or conquer their goals! Learn more about Joint Ventures by clicking here.

wallet with money coming out of it

Rent for You, Rent for us helps professional Investors secure specific properties without the need for large deposits and down payments. Discover the benefits of Guaranteed Rent by clicking here.