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The secret to creating wealth through property

Guaranteed Rent for You, Rent for us

Rent for You, Rent for us helps professional Investors secure specific properties without the need for large deposits and down payments. It also provides a high and reliable return on your investment, alongside a reliable service to Landlords that do not want the everyday pressure and financial burden.

Guaranteed Rent Schemes

So, how does it work and where are the opportunities?

Sourcing the right people and properties in strong growth areas, with a proven track record and increasing rents is a must! We do all of this for you, making it hassle free. Owners are contacted either directly or via our letting agents and offered a guaranteed rent. The owner is happy their property is let and does not need to worry about any more lost rent or tenant issues for some years to come. You also agree to maintain the property, taking care of the smaller maintenance jobs yourself. You can also carry out a small refurb, often with the landlord’s financial help.

We then find suitable tenants to live in the property for you. You make your profit on the difference between the rent that you pay to the owner and the rent you get paid by your tenants.

Attention Investors, the advantages to YOU!

  • It Increases cash flow
  • Increase your portfolio significantly and quickly
  • Reliable cash flow that is less adverse to risks, interest rate changes and changes in the economy
  • A market that consistently performs
  • A good source of fantastic deals
  • Leasing the property from a Landlord means you do not register for VAT
  • Negotiate each deal to suit you and the Landlord’s needs

Once you find the right properties and landlords, you must systemise how you work, make sure you get it right every time and provide the best possible alternative to the Landlord and accommodation to the Tenant. We will teach you this and offer support every step of the way.

Here are some key Investor tips:

  • Find the right criteria and stick to it
  • Systemise everything from day one
  • Create a manual for each property
  • Dress the property
  • The benefits of a cleaner
  • Fast broadband and a big TV
  • Make the rent inclusive
  • Let the experts help you



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