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The secret to creating wealth through property

A creative investment strategy becoming more and more popular is Title Spliting, where you purchase a property and literally split it into two, three or more properties to rent out or re-sell. This can be a complicated process and you must first do extensive due diligence and research, speak to the local council, planning officer, prepare a pre app and make sure your numbers are always right.

Title Split property case study showing profit of £78,500This 4 story Victorian Terrace was a single unit property when purchased back in 2012, the investor applied for planning permission for 3 flats and completed the flats over the course of 2013.  The flats consisted of 2x 1 bedrooms and 1x 2 bedroom; once sold they generated a GDV of £400,500 and profit of £78,500.  The location was ideal for re-sale located within close proximity of Reading’s town centre and original floor plan and four storeys was an ideal layout for conversion.

Top tips for Title Splits:

  • Speak to the local councils
  • Speak to a surveyor
  • Speak to a Planning officer
  • Speak to at least 3 or 4 estate agents
  • Use a solicitor and financial advisor who has done a Title Split before
  • There are opportunities everywhere, be relentless on the web
  • Speak to us first. Arrange your free one-to-one with our experts

To learn more about title splits or to get started with your first Title Split arrange a free one-to-one meeting with us today. You can also get in touch by calling 0118 955 9712 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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