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The secret to creating wealth through property

Over the past 15 years, James May and Peter Licourinos have worked with literally thousands of property investors helping them on their journey to becoming financially free. After years of investing in properties themselves, travelling the UK, understanding the local property markets, educating themselves and networking with the best people in the industry, they quickly recognised a gap in the market for professional property advice, mentoring and helping others take action in property!

Whether it is education, inspiration, motivation, unlocking the goldmine areas, finance, sourcing, business planning and development or taking action… Prospect Investors Club can provide a Mentor Package to suit your needs. 

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with successful winners, individuals not afraid to learn, to share and to mentor you in your quest for your dreams.  Only a small number of people take action, we ensure that you do and work with you to ensure that you continue to do so, at a pace that suits you.

Profile photo of James May - Prospect Investors Club

James May is the Managing Director of the Prospect Group, Founder of Prospect Investors Club, Multiple Business Owner, Investor, Entrepreneur and Family Man. Learn more about James May.

Profile photo of Peter Licourinos - Prospect Investors Club

Peter Licourinos is a Director of the Prospect Group, Owner of Prospect Investors Club, Mentor, Inspirational Leader & Entrepreneur. Discover who Peter Licourinos is.

Shaking hands with our property investment experts

Peter and James love meeting new people, that’s one of the reasons why they created the Investors Club – to help educate and work with individuals in their quest to become financially free. Set up your free meeting by clicking here.

Property Investment Knowledge and Leverage

Knowledge is power and you can access and leverage all our resources to help you every step of your property journey and for years to come. Discover more here.

The Property Investing partners programme from Prospect Investors Club

Prospect Investors Club is an open forum, as we have previously mentioned we love to meet new and like-minded people. Click here to learn about our Partners Programme.