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The secret to creating wealth through property


Where to start when it comes to property investing?

Like any new venture there are key parts of the process and it’s important to follow the correct procedure in order to optimise your result.

Most of us want to invest, have the means to invest but when push comes to shove we are reluctant to go through with it.

There are a number of successful property investors out there and with demand outweighing supply in the UK property market, now is the time to invest. Paragon recently reported that there are two million private landlords who now own and rent out five million properties in the UK, it’s now time to join them and share the profit! 

Do not become overwhelmed; Prospect Investors Club, other services and individuals are at hand to guide you through the process.


A lot of people are sceptical about education but we wouldn’t just walk into a hospital and start operating on someone. We need education, knowledge and understanding and the property market is exactly the same. There are a wide range of training programmes lasting days, weekends and years depending on budget and the time you have to invest. Education is key and not receiving the right education can have a detrimental effect on your property journey.


Market research is fundamental when investing in any market place and even more so when each investment is hundreds of thousands of pounds. The due diligence page provides you with some vital websites to visit but it is essential that you carry out your own research and become an expert especially when it comes to area, price, supply and demand. 

Network and meet the right people

Consistently attending your local network meeting is invaluable; the contacts you can make, deals you can come across and education you can receive is all priceless on your property journey. At Prospect Investors Club we can offer all of the above under one roof but recommend networking as one of the most powerful ways to progress your property career.


Meet a specialist, none of us are financial experts and it’s important that we leverage the knowledge of experienced individuals to secure the best rates and make the right decisions. 

Take action and begin

Get started and as simple as it sounds it’s probably the most valuable advice you can receive, you need to set goals, stay motivated and work each day to get closer to achieving those goals.

Here at Prospect Investors Club we can help you no matter where you are in your property investing journey. We have all you need in one place to help you get started. Get in touch with us today by calling 0118 955 9712 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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