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The secret to creating wealth through property


James and Peter’s real passion is making sure that people, once they have educated themselves, actually use that education to go and take action; it’s amazing how many people go to networking events, get educated and re-educate themselves but never actually take action, which makes the education almost pointless! James and Peter set up the Property Investors Club, where we work with every member on a one to one basis to ensure they take action and actually start buying property using our experience, learning from our mistakes and our successes! 

We are avid, enthusiastic property investors ourselves and have built a huge portfolio of Buy to Let, Rent-to-Rent and HMO properties while we flip literally hundreds of properties along the way. We have some small developments and properties, some huge - as long as it makes money and sense, we will take a look at the deal and find out if it is worth doing.

No matter how much experience you have as a property investor, we’re confident we can help you create or continue to build your property portfolio, as well as helping you become financially free through property. Making money through property is no easy task and there is no get rich quick scheme, however, done properly and with our advice, becoming financially free through property can be achieved.

We’ve built a network and Power Team at Prospect Investors Club, so you, as an Investor, have everything you need under one roof to be successful and to build a portfolio in any strategy you choose.

The Prospect Investors Club community is not just a network of like-minded people; it is the ultimate one-stop shop for property investing including support, education, strategies advice, knowledge and a team of experts to assist you in every possible way when it comes to making money through property.

Monthly Networking Meetings

After four years of running one of the most popular and successful property networking events in the UK, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new event, completely focused on what’s best for YOU!

We are extremely excited to be creating an event that is really personal and tailored to you, whilst giving you all the same top tips we always have, insights by industry experts and now, we’ll also be giving you first refusal on the hottest investment properties, with the best yields BEFORE they reach the open market!

Plus, you can benefit from free entry with our limited time only VIP Access. Claim your VIP ACCESS here.

Property Sourcing

Property Sourcing is one of the most important parts of investing and Prospect has worked tirelessly to build up reliable sourcing teams, a funnel of the best properties for our Investors Club members.  Prospect Investors Club has invested literally thousands of pounds creating and running our sourcing teams, as well as marketing, to find the right properties for you.

Power Team

We invest literally thousands and thousands of pounds every year in sourcing the best investment properties for our members; this includes our sourcing companies and sourcing teams - we actually have people walking the streets looking for the right opportunity. We meet dozens of potential sellers every single week, thousands of letters, thousands of leaflets going out daily, hundreds of our adverts and affiliations with all the probate and repossession companies across Berkshire and Surrey, specialising overall in trying to find the best opportunities of HMOs, Buy to Let, flipping and capital building properties, options and rent-to-rent.  We’re confident we can find more and better investment properties than anyone else in the UK.

Property Management 

You will have a senior contact within our Property Management team, whose sole purpose is to manage your investment(s). They are at your disposal seven days a week regarding any works required, or queries you may have.

EZ Maintenance

Available for property visits at every stage you feel necessary. Our EZ team also work closely with Prospect’s Property Management department and are on 24 hour call out, to protect your investment.


We use Solicitors who are Investors themselves, so they understand the relevant strategies. They will push the transaction to proceed through to exchange and completion within minimal timescales and with the highest level of efficiency. Our internal Transaction Support Coordinator works closely with the Investors Club and is there to help you throughout the transaction, being on hand to assist with paperwork and acting as the contact between Investor, Solicitors and seller.


If you don’t already have an accountant, now is the time to have one! We have a highly regarded team, based locally who we recommend to each member of our Investors Club.


At Prospect we have an independent RICS surveyor which can visit the property pre or post offer. Not all property faults are visible to the untrained eye and a variety of underlying issues, from hazardous electrics to rotting windows, often go unnoticed. Our residential Surveyors are trained to identify issues with subsidence, structural, drainage, roofing, windows, plumbing, damp, electrics and more!


Our Lettings team is available to market and let your investment property, as well as offering advice and due diligence, pre and post offer. Established in 1990, Prospect Lettings is now proud to have 9 lettings offices across Berkshire & Surrey. We currently manage thousands of properties for our Landlords and investors. We endeavour to find the right Tenants at the right rental price and timescale to suit you.

Creative Financial Experts

Our Financial Experts concentrate on investment finance; and unlike other high street lenders and IFA’s, they will be able to advise you of the best way to maximise profit and cash flow.

Due Diligence

In today’s market, we need to base everything on facts, figures and our market knowledge. We will carry out market research so that you don’t have to. Assessing the current market conditions, market prices, sold prices, comparable rental figures and achieved rental figures. This puts us in the perfect position to be confident with the information we provide you.


We will have initially assessed the suitability of each individual property against your requirements and we will then provide accompanied property visits. This includes re-visits with the Lettings Manager and with the maintenance team, if required. 


We will have already established the bottom line price which will be attractive to you as an Investor and acceptable to the vendor. This gives us a purchase price to base the investment figures on and allows us to ensure that it’s a viable investment.

24 Hour Hotline 

You will be provided with a 24 hour telephone number, which is contactable 365 days of the year.

Regular Mentor Meetings

Once you become a member of Prospect Investors Club and you have met your Mentor, we will conduct a Monthly Review Meeting where we sit down and review the progress that’s been made over the past four weeks, what properties you’ve viewed, what properties you’ve offered on and what properties you’re buying. 

 Property Investors Club Case StudyThe above is a case study of a property located within close proximity of Bracknell’s town centre, the layout was near ideal for a 6 bedroom unlicensed HMO the only addition required was to get the property HMO ready and add a shower room to the downstairs WC.  The property also boasts a kitchen / diner making an ideal communal area.


Please find below a list of names for some of our Power Team. If you would like further information on the Investors Club Community that has now been running 10 years and to arrange a free consultation with any of our Power Team or Peter & James, please get in touch.

  • Peter Licourinos – Director, MentorProspect Investors Club Power Team
  • James May – Founder, Mentor
  • Reading Branch Manager
  • Reading Lettings Manager
  • Maidenhead Branch Manager
  • Maidenhead Lettings Manager
  • Bracknell Branch Manager
  • Bracknell Lettings Manager
  • Transaction Support Coordinator
  • Property Management
  • Financial Advisor
  • Independent Legal Advice
  • Accountants
  • Further Legal Advice on HMOs and Options
  • Bridging and HMO Expert
  • Local, vetted Solicitors
  • EZ Maintenance – All sizes of maintenance and redevelopment

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