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Whether you need support, education, a push in the right direction, your numbers crunched or are just looking for some inspiration, our Resource Library has everything you’ll need!

Get your daily dose of property investing news by visiting our News page where you can read the thoughts of some of the biggest and best in the industry. 

Useful websites for property investment

Here you can find a selection of useful websites to help you on your property investing journey. View our suggested websites by clicking here.

Property Investment Due Diligence

How do you identify a deal and how and what research should you undertake to understand whether it’s a real investment opportunity? Find out here...

Stamp Duty Guide for Property Investors

If you’re thinking of, or are already, investing in Buy to Let (BTL) properties, new legislation announced by Chancellor George Osborne will be of interest to you. Click here to discover more about the changes to Stamp Duty.

Property investment glossary of terms a-z

Our investor’s glossary is the ultimate crib sheet for all of your property investment and investing needs to ensure you don't get confused and bamboozled by the investor’s terminology! Access our Investor’s Glossary by clicking here.

YPN Logo

Your Property Network (YPN) is read by thousands of active property investors across the country. Discover stories from real investors making a profit thorough property in the current market place! Click here to discover this invaluable investor's resource.

Property investment videos

Take a look at some of our fantastic videos covering everything from property visits, before and afters, event highlights, speaker interviews and more! Gain free access to our video library here.

The property investment calculator

Make sure you have your calculations right with the Prospect Investors Club Investment Calculator! Begin using the Investment Calculator, by clicking here.

The property mortgage calculator

Work out your repayment and interest-only mortgage costs with the Prospect Investors Club Mortgage calculator! Click here to access our free Mortgage Calculator.

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