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The secret to creating wealth through property

Firstly how do you value a property? A key factor behind any investment is the initial purchase price, any seasoned investor will always state, ‘you make your money when you buy’.

The majority of the time you will be guided by the market price, but how has this figure been established? Was it the vendor who has determined the value or was it determined by market comparable properties, current market conditions, property condition and other detrimental influences which genuinely effect the price?

Our advice is to always carry out your own due diligence; the advantage of modern day technology is that anyone, anywhere can use a variety of online tools to investigate and establish a fair price for any opportunity.

We use a variety of these tools and also over 25 years of industry experience to make sure we evaluate each deal accurately and to its own merit.


Overview on local area including population, demographics, area guide and price trends, the website is useful to provide essential information when choosing your goldmine area. 


The leading portal in the UK offers more than just a property search option; Rightmove offers a wide range of different services including Investor newsletters, price comparison reports, market trends, online property valuations and even a home ideas page. 

Nethouse Prices:

This page gives you historical sold prices covering every road within the UK, the information is taken from the land registry so the figures are 100% accurate and it allows you to review sold prices over the past 10 years. 


Google is a universal search engine for anything including property it can sometimes raise interesting information on area, history and future plans for the area, property or development. 

Land registry house price index:

The land registry is a true reflection of the market, the numbers are based on sold prices which have completed giving a real reflection on area performance, average price and % price change. 

Spare room:

Spare room is the leading room website within the UK; if you’re investing in HMO’s it would be prudent to advertise on the website prior to purchase to test the market place and performance. Spare room also offers a monthly index report which is e-mailed to the client reporting % quarterly change, annual change and supply and demand levels. 

Estate Agents:

It’s always worth contacting senior people within an agency for their opinion, however this advice is not always gospel and I would always recommend basing any decision on facts and figures. Don’t just get one agents opinion; call and speak to a variety of agents, ensuring you speak to the agents within the right area. 


You can pay a RICS qualified surveyor to give you an independent valuation survey which will solely look at the price; this is an independent survey and non-biased price opinion.


Getting the right inventory in place can save you a lot of money down the line; make sure you have the inventory done properly by professionals who are qualified. 

Utilise all of the tools, services and people around you - they will all give you slightly different information, facts and figures but collectively will be able to advise you and help you establish whether or not you’re making the right decision and investing in the right opportunity.

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