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Stamp Duty Guide 2016

If you’re thinking of, or are already, investing in Buy to Let (BTL) properties, new legislation announced by Chancellor George Osborne will be of interest to you.

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Key Stamp Duty facts you need to know:

  • Stamp Duty paid on any Buy to Let property or second homes has increased.
  • Rent rates are likely to increase to compensate for this cost.
  • You can reclaim this cost back against Capital Gains Tax when you sell.
  • On a £450,000 property, you now have to pay £13,500 extra in Stamp Duty.

The Change in Stamp Duty

It was recently announced that there would be an extra 3% Stamp Duty charged on all BTL properties bought after April 2016. Take a look at the table below to see how this new legislation will impact the Stamp Duty paid on BTL Properties:

Stamp Duty Table

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Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t the end of BTL investments! Due to the rise in Stamp Duty, rental prices across the UK are expected to increase, meaning your investments will still be as profitable as they currently are.

Discover more about these changes

Learn more about the new Stamp Duty legislation and how this might affect you at

Andy Scott, Prospect Investors Club Tax Director, goes into detail on how to minimise the negative impact of the new Stamp Duty Land Tax legislation in his latest blog. Read more here!

Peter Licourinos, an experienced investor of over 15 years, sheds some more light on how this affects investors in his Stamp Duty LinkedIn Article

HM Treasury has also released a Closed Consultation regarding Higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on purchases of additional residential properties. You can review this Government document here

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